HD Deck Pro

This extra-wide composite decking board features a traditional wood grain that will add quality and style to any outdoor living space.

This reversible, slip-resistant composite board comes in two on-trend designer shades. 

HD Deck® Pro is the only 200mm wide capped composite decking board in the UK and offers increased protection against fading and the elements, for an extra long life.

£62.00 per 3.6m Length 

£40.00 per 3.6m x 150mm x 11mm Facia

£59.00 per 3.6m Bull Nose Board

HD Deck Dual

HD Deck Dual® decking boards have an unrivalled likeness to timber, which really sets them apart from other composites.

This dual-coloured composite board offers a reversible two-colour option, providing the opportunity to lay a deck with contrasting colours to create a bespoke finish.

£40.00 per 3.6m Length

£21.50 per 3.6m x 72mm x 11mm Facia

£38.00 per 3.6m x 150mm x 11mm Facia

£65.00 per 3.6m Bull Nose Board


Dual and Pro Accessories

£0.47 Starting clip                                                               £0.37 Universal clip

£0.54 Slim clip                                                                      £1.16 End Cap

HD Deck XS

Whether you’re hosting a party, barbecue or entertainment, it’s good to know that Composite Prime’s decking won’t splinter or become slippery because of its superior composite ingredients. HD Deck XS® comes in three different colours, which means there’s plenty of variety to choose from when designing your decking to complement the space around it. 

• Contemporary design 

• Popular colour options 

• Two reversible profiles 

• Extra strong board 

• Consistent colour 

• Slip resistant 

• Durable

£29.00 per 3.6m Length

£15.00 per 3.6m x 72mm x 11mm Facia

HD Deck XS Composite Fire

£36.00 per 3.6m Length

£16.00 per 3.6m x 72mm x 11mm Facia


HD Deck 3D

The unique True Grain Colour System™ – a subtle variation replicating the natural tones seen in timber – ensures that no two boards are the same colour. 

HD Deck® 3D is available in four wood tones with a deeply textured wood grain on one side and contemporary grooves on the reverse. 

£34.00 per 3.6m Length

£15.50 per 3.6m x 72mm x 11mm Facia


XS and 3D Accessories

£0.47 Starting clip                                                                 £0.37 Universal clip

£0.54 Slim clip                                                                        £1.16 End Cap